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Alex Apostolidis is the kind of actor a director dreams of!  She is talented, professional, hard-working and especially charming.  She works as hard as necessary to give me exactly the kind of performance I'm looking for.  I so appreciate her willingness to go that extra mile when we are working together.  She's one of the very Best!

Penny Abshire

Creative Director

VoiceActing Productions-San Diego, CA

I have had the pleasure of working with Alex Apostolidis numerous times and simply would not hesitate to work with her again. Professional, prepared, punctual and able to showcase a myriad of colors and characters, she is top-notch. Whether she is playing a sassy southerner who is quick to quip or a singing soldier, I am always able to count on her to hit her marks, project to the back of the room, and make the audience come alive with fits of laughter and applause. Most importantly, I know that with Alex, the sky is the limit. Nothing is too hard, and surely nothing is impossible. Singing as a soldier or not, she is 100% trooper!

Anthony Bollotta - President

Bollotta Entertainment


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